A fully featured statement creation and export tool.

The Financial Statement is a key tool for both staff and clients. The MAT system offers a range of options for output - A single click toggles between abridged and full statements, both of which can be downloaded, printed or sent by email.

Each of the financial statement elements - income, expenditure and creditor debts are easily entered and updated, with instant feedback to the stored Financial Statement.

Every elemental record may have its own time period - e.g. weekly wages, monthly mortgage, fortnightly priority debt - while the Financial Statement is able to summarise the results across any of six time periods, from weekly to annual.


Disposable income can be distributed on a pro-rata basis with the option for manual over-rides on each debt and notifications to flag-up issues such as insufficient income.

A robust versioning system allows tracking of the Financial Statement (and indeed every element) as it develops in response to client needs and new information. Any element, whether income, statement or enquiry, can be duplicated and saved as a new copy to reduce workflow.

Other features include:

  • Optional use of target thresholds.
  • Integrated client, household, and dependants details
  • Detailed reporting including SIMD 2012
  • Type-ahead forms for quick and easy data entry
  • Import of all data from legacy systems such as MACS
  • Top and tail with your agency contact details and logos