Reporting that helps you understand your clients

A reliable reporting tool can help advice agencies understand their clients and the issues that drive them to seek advice.  Our reports also support auditing and progress management, allowing managers to track key performance indicators and even check when and by whom client records have been changed. The MAT system was developed with the support of Citizens Advice and Rights Fife, and is the result of long and thorough consultation.

Out of the box, MAT is fully loaded with the reports that agencies need for day-to-day operation and project based reporting, but our service doesn't end there. Our staff will work with your service to develop any additional reports you may need to understand your service delivery and to monitor improvements. We have years of experience developing the most complex reports and tailoring online forms to collect the data needed.


Not just for managers

Our reporting tool can be made available to all staff allowing them to moitor there own work and to drill down into their day to day activity.  Other features include: 

  • A variety of geographical boundary reports (local government, parliamentary etc)  
  • Numerous options for output - tables, pie charts, line graphs etc. 
  • User defined filters for any of our reports
  • Automatic reporting against latest Scottish Index of Social Deprivation (SIMD2012).